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Back Pain Solutions – Balance Test

This Balance Test is a nice little tool to demonstrate the immediate change in a Persons Balance after a successful Dorn-Therapy or after the correct application of the four basic Dorn-Method Self Help Exercises.

» This is done in many Chiropractic and Osteopathic Clinics and it is called:

Bilateral weight scale distribution test


I recommend this to all Dorn Method Practitioners as a kind of Quality Control for their Therapy

It is also a nice way for anyone to do a fast Self-Check.

What do you need for the Test: 2 similar Weighing Scales with analog display (cheap ones will do)

Before the Therapy or the Application of the Self Help Exercises you stand (or let the Patient stand) equally on two similar Weighing Scales.
Do NOT look onto the display and stand calm until you feel comfortable and balanced!

Then check the display to determine if they show the same or if there is a difference between the two scales.

Write down the Result

After the Therapy or Self Help Exercises repeat the Test and check if the Result has changed?

» In most cases you will note an immediate change due to a changed Body-Symmetry that improved because of the Dorn-Therapy or Self Help Exercises

The Photos below were taken before and after the Dorn Method Self Help Exercises by an actual Patient of mine.

I often do this test with my Patients before and after a Dorn-Therapy so they have some possitive feedback immediately in most cases.

If the Test Result is not positive (the difference between the weighing scales is greater than before or hasn't changed) which can also happen sometimes, then most likely the body is reacting this way because it is not yet comfortable with the new Symmetry and feels `uneven` and therefore is doing some compensatory reactions that should balance out after a few days of doing the Dorn Method Self Help Exercises.

Test of Balance before the Self Help Exercises:
Note that the right foot (left side) applies more pressure!

weight scale test1


Test of Balance after the Self Help Exercises:
Both feet show almost the same pressure!

weight scale test2



It is also interesting to test if the weighing scales show an Imbalance in the Non-Physical state of a Person.

I noticed that on myself and many of my Patients: When we are not in a Psychological / Mental / Spiritual Balance then the body is also becoming unbalanced and it shows in this Test as well.
A simple Meditation Session and in some cases only the awareness of this situation together with a change of thoughts (Imagine something nice and beatiful that makes you smile and your heart happy) can bring an immediate improvement.
Try it!



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