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We do not want to give you just average information about back pain which you can easy find by simply search for it using common search engines in the net.



Back Pain

No 1 Health Problem worlwide
Are there solutions?


What's new here?

We may present some uncomfortable facts or questions about back pain and hopefully also some answers that can help to understand the topic better or even find some solutions.


Health requires:

» Prevention
» Therapy / Selftherapy
» Maintenance


The only logical way out of the existing confusion is Integrative medicine.

What is this?

Integrative Medicine

Cooperation between:

Conventional medicine
Traditional medicine
Alternative medicine



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Back Pain – General Information


How important is the subject Back Pain?


Back Pain Facts for Dummies


Anybody who ever experienced back pain and consulted a professional health care provider will most likely agree to this:


Back Pain Questions for Dummies


Most Questions about Back Pain will stay either unanswered or will be answered unsatisfactory:


Back Pain Answers for Dummies


» If I would have satisfactory answers to all open Questions I probably would be Millionare or Prisoner

However I do have my own theory about most issues concerning Back Pain that are supported by the thousands of people I treated for Back Pain and many students I trained worldwide.

Please read more about my theory and possible Back pain Solutions: Back Pain Secrets


Back Pain Tips for Dummies


However difficult the topic Back Pain seems I suggest a few things in almost all cases:


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