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We do not want to give you just average information about back pain which you can easy find by simply search for it using common search engines in the net.


Back Pain

No 1 Health Problem worlwide
Are there solutions?


What's new here?

We may present some uncomfortable facts or questions about back pain and hopefully also some answers that can help to understand the topic better or even find some solutions.


Health requires:

» Prevention
» Therapy / Selftherapy
» Maintenance


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Back Pain – Secrets

The information presented here may not be competely scientifically verifiable and therefore we encourage everybody to help us critically to prove or disprove our theory.

Dorn Method Practioners worldwide start to understand the mechanism of pain by simply applying the Dorn Method on their clients and themselves also realizing that a balanced life depends on a balanced structure which is the core of the hardware of our functional unit of body, mind and spirit.


Back Pain Secrets for Dummies


Many things in life are often not as complicated as we make them. A child looks at life different than an adult and a too analytical approach may not always be helpful in understanding connections.

Dieter Dorn was not a medical professional and looked at things often like a child without judging and backed up by his unique sense for natural laws and intuition.

The Method he developed nevertheless is a scientifically logical application of simple physics that is anatomically and physiologically correct.


Back Pain Secrets you should already know:

Therefore we need to do the homework:


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