Back Pain

Please read this information with an open mind but beware:

You may suddenly understand your Pain and with some self discipline even find a solution for the problem.


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Back Pain Theory




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Back Pain – Solutions

Following information represents a theory about the main causes and solutions for Back Pain based on personal research, existing research, experience and simple applied anatomy and physiology.


Back Pain Solutions


The Dorn Method as the Core of an approach that I call:

MNSRT - Myo-Neuro-Structural-Rebalancing-Therapy

Back Pain Solutions through Selfhelp / Selftherapy




Re-balancing of the functional units: Structure (joints), muscles and nerves

Individuallly with the help of therapies, tailored use of micro nutrients (orthomolecular medicine), modern medical technology and in necessary cases also medication but always with long term and correctly done Selftherapy.

The goal is to bring the body (and also the mind and soul) into a healing mode through maintaining all necessary measures over a long enough period of time to assist and enhance the self healing capability of our body (mind, soul).

Ideal: Integrative medicine, i.e. the cooperation of doctor, therapist, health-coach and patient - unfortunately still very rare even in times of modern medicine!

A health-coach (teacher) can often be the key-person allowing the patient to see or recognise the problems and trains his/her awareness. This is important because of the often overwhelming information range impressions that we encounter daily through modern media. A health-coach can help to unravel this so the patient understands which path he/she needs to take to make necessary changes and adjustments.


Long term changes - adjustments - healing needs:


» 3 factors that are crucial:

Necessary: Awareness, understanding and adherence to natural laws and coherences and its most effective implementation and application.


To call all this into action realistically it should be:

fast - effective - affordable ...but also save, understandable and easy applicable


Definitions of the factors:



Avoidance and / or changes of potentially unhealthy and mostly un-natural movements and movement patterns like:

but also:


Therapy: (Best in cooperation with the patient)


Selfhelp / Selftherapy:


Key aspects of MNSRT


Emphases is the Dorn Method and its Selfhelp / Selftherapy possibilties why:

It allows a fast, safe and effective and natural re-balancing / alignment of the body structure

Through correct pressure (counter pressure) during specific simple movements (dynamic) the body's own and natural alignment possibilties are promoted.

The selective and co-ordinated stimulation and re-balancing of the body receptors (proprioceptors - nociceptors) leads to neurological re-structuring of the respective cells and the brain.

Virtually through forced adjustment reactions the body is getting used to a new and better structural alignment with long term results!

» The Dorn Method contains all the mentioned factors necessary for this healing and adjustment!


If one would look at the body and brain as it was a computer applying the Dorn Method correctly would be:

Typing into the keyboard: I move the body (joint(s)) while applying directed pressure and it is not causing pain,
» safe button

and again: I move the body (joint(s)) while applying directed pressure and it is not causing pain,
» safe button

and again...

The result: After a sufficient long time (recognizable but not yet permanent already after a few applications of the technique!) the body and brain has accepted (stored) this message and even there might be still physical disturbances the pain that was usually connected to this is less or completely gone.


Try it out yourself and do the recommended Selfhelp / Selftherapy » start your healing journey today!


In my personal approach using MNSRT the Spynamics Sacro Aligner is also a core aspect since its development was partly based on the Dorn Method and its application fulfills all necessary requirements for a successful healing.



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