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My Mission Statement


» Help the Philippines after Taifun Haiyan:

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» Several Doctors and Helpers affiliated to AWHAI are already in the field helping the people directly. Every little help is most appreciated, Thank you.

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All Information in this website is intended to give people some aid in their approach for Self Help with Health Problems especially Pain in the Back and Joints but it is NOT intended as medical advice or as substitute for conventional medical treatments.

The Author and publisher are not liable for any consequences following the application of any of the illustrated exercises and advices.

In any case it is advised to consult your medical doctor first before doing any exercises presented in this site.
Health Problems and Pain may have other causes than misalignments in the spinal column and other joints and have to be checked and cleared by means of conventional medicine first.

What you are about to read and see in this site may certainly contradict with what we assume as right or correct but I want everybody to be open minded and accept that there might be aspects in life that haven't been discovered yet or before regardless how simple they appear!

The information given in this site is only a brief introduction to a very complex method and it is not intended as a medical exposition or as guide for the practical application of the Dorn Method.

I do not want to leave the impression that the Dorn Method is a cure for all diseases but rather I want to emphasize that we need more balance in our life and that this can only be achieved by realizing what we might do wrong in order to have the chance to avoid potential problems and what we can do for ourselves to re-gain and keep balance in the complex system of body-mind-spirit.

I want to challenge everyone, especially health professionals to check out if our theories are correct by trying and experiencing the Dorn Method.

We are happy if you can prove us wrong because this is the only way to change and improve what appears to be a true revolutionary new approach in manual therapy.


My personal Mission:


Your Help is highly appreciated and any Donation most welcome, thank you.

Donations will be used to help AWHAI's Social and Medical Missions for the less fortunate people in the Philippines

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