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Here you find Information about the financial aspects of the Dorn Method


General Information about the Dorn Method and the Self Help principles should always be Free for everyone following Dieter Dorn's wish that his method is Folk Medicine.


Time effort requires some form of energy exchange and the most common and simpliest form is by paying for services with money.



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The Dorn Method – Money Talk


How much is the Dorn Method worth?

This is easy to answer: It is priceless! Money cannot influence the Success of the Dorn Method as Dorn is a Non-manipulative approach that only allows our system to start a self healing process and guides it along the way.

The controversial discussion about the value of medical (conventional or alternative) treatments shall not be the main topic here.

We want to simply give an idea what you may experience when you decide to try a Dorn Therapy Session or attend a Dorn Method Seminar.


Therapy fees:


Average fees for Dorn Therapy sessions range from about 40€ to 100€ or more in most developed countries and are comparable to other manual therapies or wellness treatments.

Fees in less developed countries may vary more and range from about 15 US$ to 60 US$ and more.

If several therapy sessions are recommended the therapist is often able to individually adjust the fees so do not hesitate to ask.


Seminar (training) fees:


Average fees for Dorn Method Seminars range from about 180€ to 400€ in most developed countries for a two day basic or review or advanced training.

Fees in less developed countries may vary more and range from about 100 US$ to 200 US$ and more.

Higher fees should include valuable students materials like manuals, DVDs with instructional materials, videos etc.

Repeated Seminars are usually given for discounted fees.

Training fees may depend on the size of the class and individual training is usually higher than group training.


Please note:


A properly done Dorn therapy session should not just be manual therapy but include health-coaching to learn about problem cause avoidance and self help exercises for self therapy at home. Therefore more time is usualy necessary and sessions of around one hour or longer are common. Patients should get printed instructions after detailed explanantions and demonstrations » please ask for this!



For inquiries about Dorn Method sessions or training with Thomas Zudrell please contact me.
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