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About the Author: Thomas Zudrell


Thomas Zudrell, born 1962 in Germany, lived in the Philippines from 1995 until 2005 where he worked as a Scuba Diving Instructor and Resort Manager on the beautiful resort island of Puerto Galera in Mindoro Oriental Province until 2005 where he is also awarded Adopted Son of Puerto Galera for his contributions to Environmental awareness.
During his stay in the Philippines he turned a hobby (Manual therapies and Alternative Medicine) into a profession thanks to great healers he met in this colourful country and fantastic posibilities to learn and experience healing as a traditionally accepted part of the Philippine society.

He enjoys life now in Germany with his wife Josie and their children Chester Alan, Charice Jean and Amanda Joleen.

Meanwhile on an international level like before in Manila, he uses his talents to help people find their Inner Healer, giving seminars and lectures and treating people with health problems by applying the DORN METHOD, Reiki and other alternative healing methods.

Since his late school years beginning in the 1980’s he has cultivated a deep interest in medicine, anatomy, physiology, healing, spiritual healing, manual therapy incl. diff. Massage Techniques, Chiro-Therapy, Osteopathy, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Hilot, CST, EFT, Hypnosis, eastern philosophies including different martial arts, and attended many trainings, lectures and workshops concerning these fields studying in different countries.

He complemented his knowledge with various home study and vocational training including basic paramedics in the German Air Force. He is also an experienced Medic First Aid Instructor.

He never imagined himself doing work as a healer, but was slowly drawn into it by an increasing demand for his skills and counseling after becoming a Reiki Practitioner in 1994, which found its peak with the DORN METHOD which he studied with different teachers like Dieter Dorn, Hildegard Steinhauser and others.

He enjoys sharing with people all he knows and realizes that, by helping others, he also receives great positive feedback himself.

He hopes that one day humanity can realize the connection to all and everything in this universe and therefore stops to constantly destroy their valuable assets.

He works hard to make alternative medicine, specially the DORN METHOD recognized in the world and by the medical community. He wishes that conventional medicine and alternative medicine can start to cooperate more closely rather than compete in their mission to help people with health concerns.

He complemented his knowledge studying with the OIUAM in 2007 (under the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines) with a certificate as MD(AM), Doctor of Medicine (Alternative Medicines), and currently works on his thesis for a PhD (A.M.) and is doing intensive research on Back Pain and Manual Therapy.

He hopes that, maybe, one day he will be able to combine his skills and talents and interests and offer all these in a beautiful resort setting where people can come and enjoy leisure activities, healthy food, relaxation and healing.

If someone is looking for a qualified, honest and hard working Manager or Partner of a Health and Wellness / Spa Resort or needs competent Coaching in these fields let me know. » I am always open for new challenges in Life.

Also, he dreams of traveling throughout the world and sharing his knowledge by conducting seminars and workshops all over the planet.

Furthermore, he is constantly on the look-out for people to help him on this mission and vision, to make it more widely available for everyone interested.


Since he brought the Dorn Method to the Philippines 2003 an incredible development took place:


Guest and Resource Speaker at many events like:


and many others...


Recognized at DOH, PITAHC (Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care)

Training outside the Philippines on an International Level

Well visited website (www.dorn-method.com since 2004) as general information platform and a Dorn Method Forum at: www.curezone.com

Published the first English book about the Dorn Method (2005)

Note the Foreword officially published in the book The Dorn Method:

senate testimonial


Director of AHHAI, Academy for Holistic Healing Arts International, Germany: www.ahhai.org

Thomas lives following the Motto:


One of my favorite Texts: Desiderata (click to read and listen!)


Thomas Zudrell’s priorities in Life: Family, Health, Peace and Harmony, fulfillment at work.

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