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AHHAI – Academy of Holistic Healing Arts International


Thomas Zudrell the main person behind this website realized during his time in the Philippines (until 2005) that there was very little Information about the Dorn Method on the Internet and basically nothing in english language.

Being a Co-Founder of AWHAI, Academy of Wholistic Healing Arts Inc., a Non Stock Non Profit Corporation in the Philippines and a multi awarded Healing Center and School for Alternative Healing Arts, he decided to not only bring the Dorn Method to the Philippines but teaching it worldwide.

In 2004 Thomas Zudrell started www.dorn-method.com as an international information platform for the Dorn Method and the first english book about the Dorn Method followed soon in 2005 published also in the Philippines.

Back to Germany (since 2006) Thomas Zudrell became the most active international Dorn Method Instructor and Founder of AHHAI, Academy of Holistic Healing Arts international, a sister institution of AWHAI that integrates different medical approaches and coordinates with Medical and Alternative Medical Practitioners as friends around the globe.

AHHAI has the future Goal to act as Foundation and give underpriviliged people from all over the world the possibility of education in Alternative Medicine, to promote the start of social Institutions in poor areas where people looking for help will have the chance to get treatment and to integrate Alternative Healing Methods more into Conventional Medizine. Please help us in this Mission for example through purchase of our products.

AHHAI is promoting the Dorn Method as Core-Approach for a Re-Balancing of Body-Mind-Spirit and as accepted Base-Therapie.

The Selfhelp / Selftherapie posibilities of the Dorn Method should be freely accessible to all people
as Volkmedicine.

Friends and Colleagues from around the world now assist Thomas Zudrell in his Mission to promote the Dorn Method.


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