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Information on this website or health-coaching suggestions we provide are not medical advice or replacement for professional medical services. Any personal use of this information or suggestions is at your own risk.


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The Dorn Method – Have a Question?

Although we try to provide as much open Information as possible through this website and constantly work on making it even more better and informative there still may be unanswered Questions.

For any Questions, support or critic please contact us


What Questions can you ask?


You may ask any Questions about the Dorn Method including training, legal, theoretical and therapeutical aspects that you do not find answered on this website.

Our team of experienced Dorn Method Therapists and Instructors from the medical and complementary field will try to answer it as soon as possible.

You may also allow your Questions to be answered by the public through the use of the Dorn Method Forum


» Please understand that we cannot reply to specific medical Questions based on non physical distance diagnosis or your personal judgement of medical conditions that may require the personal contact and opinion of a qualified health care provider.



Have any special medical Question?


If you have any specific medical Question we can offer professional health coaching service that is tailored towards your individual condition but not to be seen as replacement for professional medical advice.

This service is not for free but provides an affordable alternative to endless and confusing research in the Internet, books, magazines etc.

Our professional team of Health-Coaches worldwide is ready to take care of your inquiry.

Our professional fee for this service is based on the individual time effort necessary and not on the medical condition.

You may receive answeres through E-mail correspondance, Fax, Telephone or Skype.

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