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The origins of the Dorn Method

All started with Dieter Dorn (1938 — 2011)

Born in August 1938 in South Germany, he was a Sawmill owner working for the farmers in the area. About 30 years ago while lifting a heavy log he suffered on a Lumbago (sciatic pain).
He was relieved of that pain by an old healer in his hometown with some fast and simple movements. He was asking the old Healer if he also could learn this technique but the old man said to him: You already know it!
Dieter Dorn was his last patient, soon after the old man died without teaching Dieter Dorn his knowledge.

So Dieter Dorn had to learn it all by himself. His first patient was his wife who had often severe headaches since years. According to some doctors her transverse processes of the cervical vertebrae where too long and could be shortened by surgery but she refused to be operated.
Dieter Dorn checked his wife's neck and found that the vertebrae are only twisted and the x-ray was not a correct reading.
He gently pushed the vertebrae back in place while his wife made rotating movements at the same time. Since then her headaches are history and she became the most prominent patient of Dieter Dorn.

That was the beginning of the Dorn Method! Soon after Dieter Dorn helped many people in the neighborhood by correcting their different leg length and aligning their joints.

To his surprise many other ailments like Knee pains, Heart Problems, Hearing Problems and others also seem to have disappeared.
The answer to this he found when he discovered by coincidence a book about TCM traditional Chinese medicine where acupuncture and acupressure was used to help many ailments. During his treatments he accidentally also treated the meridians along the spine and because of the connection between the spinal cord and the inner organs connected through the spinal nerves many problems disappeared when the misaligned vertebrae where corrected.

By meeting and helping Dr. Thomas Hansen M.D. Dieter Dorn started to learn more about anatomy and physiology and together they experimented with this new Method for several years.
Some years later Dieter Dorn decided it was time to teach other people this wonderful Method and he started to give seminars.
Many learned from him and are now following his foot steps with equal success.

Today more and more people from the medical field like doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, non medical practitioners and chiropractors are attending these seminars and are amazed about what they learn.
Dieter Dorn still has his sawmill which makes him independent and his simple and very kind personality keeps on impressing his students.

He says there are three kinds of thought models in life: What can I do for myself?, What can someone else do for me?, Dieter Dorn lives with the third one: What can I do for others? We are born for others, otherwise our life make no sense, is his opinion. This is a way full of 'thorns' (Thorn translates in German as 'Dorn') maybe that is why the method is called "Dorn Method", he jokes.

Nomen est omen! In German the spinous processes are called 'Dorn Fortsaetze', in medical terms, isn't that a coincidence?

Some of Dieter Dorn's early students like Harald Fleig and Helmuth Koch started to give Dorn Method seminars on their own and therefore contributed in an important way for the fast spreading of the knowledge of this fantastic Therapy.
koch und steinhauser photo
Hildegard Steinhauser (Photo right side) also learned this Method many years ago and together with her friend Helmuth Koch a well known Non Medical Practitioner in Lindau, South Germany they were on the forefront in the mission to make the Dorn Method popular and acknowledged by the medical society.

As a Reiki Teacher and trained in acupuncture Hildegard Steinhauser thinks that learning the Dorn Method was a true Milestone in her life as a Healer and thanks to Dieter Dorn it now becomes a true blessing for humanity.     

I am truly blessed that I (Thomas Zudrell) had the chance to study this wonderful healing method first with Hildegard Steinhauser and also with Dieter Dorn and several others, and that they authorized me to spread it by teaching others. Since then (2003) I went a long way to fulfill that mission and taught many courses first in the Philippines and then many other countries around the world and treated many happy Patients along the way.

I am confident that The Dorn Method will soon be known more widely in the Philippines and other parts of the world and it finds its way to be recognized as a safe, gentle but effective Manual Therapy and Coaching Method and a perfect complement to all other forms of Therapy in Conventional and Alternative Medicine alike.



Below:  Dieter Dorn receives his copy of Thomas Zudrell`s first English Book about the Dorn Method this May 2006

Dieter Dorn and Thomas Zudrell photo

My meeting with Dieter Dorn:

Live and Health Philosophy simplified!

In May 2006 I visited another Dorn Method advanced seminar for therapists held by the founder of the Method, Dieter Dorn himself.

Even this was not the first time I met and saw Dieter Dorn it was still my first training seminar with him and therefore I was quite exited.

I tried not to have too many expectations which was quite difficult after having so many positive experiences made with the method and still I was immediately calmed down by Dieter Dorn's gentle personality.

People like to always judge and compare what they presently do or experience with past experiences and so-called knowledge stored in their conscious or unconscious mind and of course the same counts for me so in the beginning of the seminar I said to myself, what am I doing here?; basically everything that was discussed and shown I used already long time or even developed it further during my practice.

But soon I told myself to stop thinking this way and I freed my mind from all this thoughts and the real experience and the learning begun.

I observed the "Master", who never sees himself this way, doing things the most simplified, basic way and everything was presented with an unexplainable ease filled with a deep love for humans and a complete trust that everything will fall in place and happen as it is supposed to happen.

The Self Help aspect of the Dorn Method was made very clear because many of the adjustments on spine and joints shown was basically done by the patients (students) themselves and it became very apparent that the secret in success with this Method lies within the basic simplicity and not in the scientifically explainable part.

Dieter Dorn said that he is happy that he does not know and especially in the beginning did not know too much about medicine and therapy because that kept his mind open and free form judgments and he just acted from his heart and the desire to help his fellow human brother or sister.

And in the course of the day we saw this philosophy in action producing an incredible result in the participating students including myself.

I am curious how this experience will influence the way I teach my students in the future and at least one thing became clear to me: It does not matter how much one learns and how scientifically provable everything is, all we learn and therefore all I teach must be also simple and filled with love, which does not mean that one should leave out scientific aspects in all, of course.


A few excerpts of the Philosophy of Dieter Dorn:


There is no coincidence everything falls in its place!

We can only improve if we bring ourselves into the "middle" (balance).

Most things in life do not bring the desired success because we "must" do them rather than we "want" to do them!

It is good to help people if this help comes from the Heart and not from the Head!

The patient must welcome the help given to him and  must actively invite this help to achieve healing.

Although a Dorn Method practitioner is treating someone with his hands by applying light pressure while the patient is doing certain guided movements this treatment should be kind of "reversed" in order to be successful: The patient should be the one who presses himself against the Dorn Method practitioners hand (which is technically almost the same but actually a huge difference).

By doing the therapy this way the success is unavoidable and it becomes clear that the Dorn Method is actually a Self Help Method rather than a therapy.

If a student was asking: Am I doing this the correct way? Dieter Dorn always responded: If you do it careful, gentle and with your heart involved than you always do it the correct way!

I believe he knows what he is talking about because in the last 30 years he treated around 100,000 people and he taught thousands of students to do the same.

Although the Dorn Method as it is taught today by many different people is no longer uniform, it still is based on the same simple principles Dieter Dorn developed and therefore I want to make this fantastic Healing Method known worldwide as "The Dorn Method" to honor the one who started it all: Dieter Dorn.

And the mission continues:

During the Dorn Congress 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany the new official Dorn International Association (Foundation) was started www.dorn-international.org

Our goal: To coordinate Dorn Method training worldwide, inter-connect existing and new Dorn Instructors, sponsor training for under-privileged countries and people, spread the news about the self help possibilities using the Dorn Method worldwide and give neutral and open, free accessible information about the Dorn Method including pratitioner directories, code of ethics and guidelines as a free and independant umbrella organization.

Thomas Zudrell
Vice chairman Dorn-International e.V.



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