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The Dorn Method - how it works:

The Treatment:


» The Treatment should start with detailed Explanations about the Therapy and the causes of Spinal Problems, Different Leg Length Causes etc. so the Patient learns what to do in order to avoid this in the future.

First the patients leg length is controlled and if necessary corrected in a laying position. The hip joint is brought to a (more or less) 90 degree position and the leg is then brought back to its straight position while guiding the bones back into its original place with gentle pressure.assessment picture link to dorn therapy pictures

This can be done by the patient and it is absolutely safe, easy and painless!

The treatment of Knees and Ankles should then follow with the same principals: Gentle pressure towards the Joint while moving it from a bended to a more straight position.

After the legs the pelvis is checked for misalignment and also corrected if necessary in standing position.

Followed by the lumbar vertebrae and lower thoracic columns, also while standing upright.

Then the upper thoracic vertebrae are checked, corrected if necessary, and finally the cervical vertebrae, usually in a sitting position.

The treatment often is continued by the controlling and correction of other joints like the shoulders, elbow, hands and others like the jaw or collarbone.

The basics during the correction is always the same: The patient is in a dynamic, ‘moving‘ action while the bones are guided back into proper position by encouraging natural self re-alignment.

correction picture link to dorn therapy pictures
For example: If any of the lumbar vertebrae (lower back) is not aligned then it is checked in what direction it is misplaced and by using gentle, gradually increasing but sensitive pressure with the thumb the practitioner then helps the bone back into position while the patient is swinging with the leg on the opposite side back and forth and therefore distracts the muscles of the back.

This movement is done with the arms swinging accordingly for the upper thoracic vertebrae and the neck moves from side to side while correcting the cervical vertebrae.
In principal the bones are guided back into position with gentle pressure, besser said it is a counter pressure, using hand(s) or thumb.

This is a gentle and natural way and the body readily accepts these corrections.

The correction is often a little painful but the pain stops the moment the practitioner take his hand off and it is only done in cooperation with the patient to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

» Please see some sample pictures from the Dorn (Therapy) Method

After the Treatment:

The patient is shown some simple exercises which are actually self-therapy exercises that copy the actions during the treatment part, and it should be explained how to adjust uneven movements and bad postural patterns to achieve long lasting results and sometimes psychological connections are discussed which needs to be addressed to avoid reoccurrences.

Complementing treatments like deep neuro-muscular massage etc. are advised to assist the Healing and to avoid that the tensed muscles are provoking or causing further misalignments!

» The Dorn Method done correctly is actually not a therapy but a complete coaching method that enables the client to take care of themselves and start an individual healing process for long term results!

Treatment Reactions:

Sometimes there are several reactions to be noticed up to several days after the treatment.

Dull muscle pain due to the correction (like after a gym workout) and pressure sensitivity on the corrected areas are common.

Detoxification signs due to an improved metabolism (better nerve function) e.g. flue like symptoms, changes in toilet habits and even an awakening of unsolved inner issues may appear.

These reactions should be judged as a positive healing crisis!

» Of course positive reactions like the disappearance of long time pain and chronic inner ailments can be noticed most of the time.

In case of unexpected or severe reactions consult your therapist or doctor!

» Please see some sample pictures from the Dorn (Therapy) Method


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