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Dorn Method – Practitioner Directory


Practitioner Directory General Information


» Please click on the World Map for International Dorn Therapist Directory:world map link world map link



This Directory does not represent any recommendation about a Therapist it is only intended as General Information.

» If you are a Dorn Method Practitioner and you want to be listed here in this Directory please e-mail me your Details and I will be glad to add your Name if necessary requirements are fulfilled.

To be listed in this Directory requires a recommendation (approval) of an authorized Dorn Instructor
(» Minimum a Basic Training plus a review or advanced training must be confirmed)

» If you like to be listed in this directory please contact me for details.

Our options:

  1. Basisc entry (please contact me for fees / requirements!)
    » For demonstration please click on country on the world map or the country name in the list above!

  2. Personal Competence page (optional small yearly fee or affordable one time fee for permanent (lifetime)

    » Sample Competence page


Practitioner / Instructor Listing Guidelines:


In order to be listed as Dorn Method Practitioner (Therapist level) following conditions apply:
(As Outlined in the and Dorn International e.V)

Completion of Basic Dorn Method Seminar conducted by an authorized Dorn Method Instructor followed by a review or advanced training and practical hands on experience on actual patients.

» The certifying Instructor has to give a written approval of the skill level of the student before he/she can be listed!



In order to be listed as Dorn Method Instructor following conditions apply:

Dorn Method Instructor Seminars can be attended after 2 years of being listed as therapist (that means having attended a review or advanced training and with experience practice time) and require proof of experience (minimum several hundred patients), attendance of (best) several seminars as assistant, conducted by an authorized Dorn Method Instructor and usually a special Instructor workshop.

New: Since we have founded an official association here in germany we require all Dorn Instructors that want to be connected to the association and lsited in our directory to pass an instructor exam by the association first.

Dorn Method Instructors are independant and do not need to be members of professional associations or pay franchise fees etc. but it is recommended to become a member of our association as this shows professionalism to the public. A professional background in their eduction and a lineage to Dieter Dorn or Dieter Dorn trained Instructors should be documented.
Instructors that certify other Instructors must ensure this proper conduct of professionalism, follow our Code of Ethics and should be authorized by the association as official examiners.

The path to be a DORN Instructor:

  1. Basic course

  2. Advanced (or review) course (both courses can be combined in a special training setup)

  3. Practice time of minimum 2 years and minimum several hundred of patients treated

  4. Assictance in minimum one course done by an authorized DORN Instructor

  5. Special instructor training (different possibilities depending on the guiding instructor)

  6. Official exam conducted by the german association or a representative (authorized Instructors)

» Written approval of an authorized Dorn Method Instructor (following and based on the result of a personal evaluation during a special Instructor Training).

» The certifying Instructor has to give a written approval of the skill level and attitute (see: code of ethics and conduct) of the student before he/she can be listed!



If you want to learn this fantastic Method / Therapy please contact any of the authorized / listed Teachers in the international directory or contact Thomas Zudrell MD(AM), DMS to set up professional Training.

» NOW is the right Time to become a Dorn Method Practitioner or Teacher in your country.



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