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Spine - Organs Connection Chart Poster NEW Design(pdf):

spine organ connection poster


A great Eye-catcher and reference poster for therapists and others.

Instant download file (pdf) (~5MB)


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»get this great poster chart now to learn about the inter-connection
of body (physical) and mind (non-physical).


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Spine-Organ Connections Chart

This nice poster shows the connections between the spinal nerves and the organs, possible inner problems and positive affirmations with reference to the chakras (colors) all on one chart!

It is a great Eye-catcher and reference poster for therapists and patients.

Place it on the wall in your clinic (therapy room and / or waiting area) and you will notice that most of your patients feel attracted to this colorful poster chart...



The praphic is royalty free (intellectual property of Thomas Zudrell MD(AM), DMS) and the legal buyer can use it freely for any desired private purpose but not for re-sale and distribution!



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