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The Dorn Method Home Self Help DVD (Data DVD incl. Video files):

home self help study dvd


A distance study / Self Help DVD for Back Pain Sufferers

Ideal to learn the necessary Self Help posibilities of the Dorn Therapy and apply it to your yourself immediately and even help others sharing this information.

For only 29,90€ (incl. Freight)

Start to learn at home and help yourself and others for a final good bye to Back Pain. It takes only a few minutes per day to guide your body into better balance and alignment and following the recommended exercises allows a long term adjustment. Your body will thank you.


A proven way to manage Back Pain: fast, safe and affordable

» Say good bye to Back Pain forever!


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The Dorn Method Home-/Self Help Study Set contains:

» All the files are on a Data DVD for self print out or onscreen viewing (pdf, wmv, jpeg).
(note: Video Files are also on the Data DVD!)

The Dorn Method eBook (pdf)
The Dorn Method Self Help Exercises Video file for PC (wmv) (For Spine and all other Joints)

Poster files (pdf, jpeg):

Bonus file: (pdf)


The materials are intellectual property of Thomas Zudrell MD(AM), DMS and the legal buyer can use it freely for any desired private purpose but not for re-sale and distribution!



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