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NEW: The Dorn Method Video Instructions (wmv) for Practitioners and Instructors:

dorn therapy video


An instructional Video for Practitioners and Instructors.

Ideal to learn the necessary skills of the Dorn Method and apply it to your patients immediately

For only 24,95US$ (instant download file) you can download the Video file (wmv)

» learn this fantastic therapy and Selfhelp Method now!

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Please note: The Video is in WMV format and Apple devices may only be able to open this with special software (i.e. VLC player).




The Dorn Method Video Instructions

An instructional Video with a Step by Step description of the complete Dorn Method for Manual Therapists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physical Therapists, existing and future DORN Method practitioners and Instructors.

It shows all the original techniques from Dieter Dorn as well as new advanced techniques with detailed explanations!

Although it cannot fully replace a hands on workshop this Video is an ideal start into the Dorn Method Therapy that enables the experienced therapist to start working on real patients following the easy to understand demonstrations in this Video.

We recommend this Video as complement to the Dorn Method Student Manual.

It is also a great reference for existing Dorn Method Practitioners and Instructors and it is recommended for future Dorn Method Practitioners as preparation study prior to a hands on seminar.

It set the standard in DORN approved by the german DORN association "" that all DORN Practitioners and Instructors should know and follow.

Please note: The Video file is in WMV format, apple users may need to use special software to read (open) this file format!



The Video is intellectual property of Thomas Zudrell MD(AM), DMS and the legal buyer can use it freely for any desired private purpose but not for re-sale and distribution!



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