Learning the
Dorn Method
Thomas Zudrell


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Learning the Dorn Method with Thomas Zudrell


Information about learning the Dorn Method with Thomas Zudrell MD(AM):

There are more and more Dorn Method Instructors in different places around the world that offer training in the Dorn Method that were trained or guided by Thomas Zudrell in his Mission to spread this Method internationally.

» Check out the international Dorn Method training schedules with Instructors that are following the highest standards of AHHAI (Academy of Holistic Healing Arts International - Thomas Zudrell) and the Code of Ethics for Dorn Method Practitioners.


For those who consider training with Thomas Zudrell personally we offer several options:

Training with Thomas Zudrell is conducted in english language and if necessary with interpreters translating.

» Details about Training fees you can find here: Money talk


Next international training schedules of Thomas Zudrell:


» For seminars in english language held in Germany... please inquire



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