Why is it a great idea to learn the Dorn Method?




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Why learning the Dorn Method?


There are many good reasons why you should learn the Dorn Method.

Thinking about my own experiences I had with the Dorn Method from being a Back Pain Patient until now being an international Dorn Method Instructor I must say that my whole life has changed completely to the better.

This is something many colleagues also experienced and I encounter this all the time with former students who now practice the Dorn Method themselves with great success.

The gift to help other people in Pain and guide them through an adjustment process that often transformes their life is wonderful and a true blessing.

The top ten reasons why you should learn the Dorn Method:


thumb1The Dorn Method is a very valuable skill:

It helps to free people from Back Pain.
Back Pain is likely the single most reason for time missing from work and it costs the economy astronomical amounts of money. So improving this situation is benficial not only for Back pain sufferers by for the whole society.



thumb2The Dorn Method is easy & inexpensive to learn:

As Dieter Dorn himself once said: The one who does not learn it in a few days will never really understand it.
Affordable and short seminars of only a few days already allow the student to successfully apply the newly learned skills save on other people. The return of investment in such a setup is fantastic not just on the financial level.



thumb3The Dorn Method adds to your reputation and career prospects:

As therapist who is acting as a professional health-coach helping people with Back Pain and other problems using the Dorn Method you will fast gain the respect of your clients who are often disappointed by the success of their past approaches. It is common with Dorn Therapists to have soon many word of mouth recommendations and satisfied clients that are more than happy to return to you.



thumb4The Dorn Method is a save, gentle and Non-manipulative treatment:

No cracking of joints, no wrestling like positions that can often cause discomfort with clients. The Dorn Method works in perfect harmony with human nature being a dynamic cooperation between client and therapist.
Restoring the natural balance of the body is likely the main reason for the great success of the Dorn Method and the Self Help posibility often brings long term results.



thumb5 The Dorn Method offers a great income posibility:

Health is also business and the competition in the Complementary therapy market is tough. Many therapies may have a relaxation value but do not allow the body to fix the root causes of the problem and results often last short and people view complementary therapies often as unnecessary or wellness treats. The fast and good results using the Dorn Method will generate better business and increased long term income potential.



thumb6 The Dorn Method is still largely unknown so it can make you stand out:

Although The Dorn Method has been used successfully for over 35 years in Germany, it is relatively new in other parts of the world. This offers enormous opportunity for new Dorn Therapists to establish themselves and build a reputation in their area where they live, free from competition. There really has never been a better time than right now to learn and begin practicing Dorn.



thumb7 The Dorn Method simply works:

The constantly growing numbers of Dorn Therapist and successfully treated patients and their word of mouth recommendations speaks for itself. Collecting and publishing all the fantastic clients feedbacks would fill books and there is basically not one reported case that suggests the Dorn Method being a dangerous therapy. Many Dorn Therapists get clients from far places just to experience the Dorn Therapy.



thumb8 The Dorn Method makes you a true Health-Coach:

The Dorn Therapy is only part of the whole Method and together with Prevention and Maintenance you teach your clients how they can manage their condition like no other approach can provide. The therapist becomes a Health-Coach rather than just a therapist and this way you not only teach others but learn yourself with every person that you treat, a truly satisfying experience.



thumb9 The Dorn Method is likely to be accredited by your association and insurance:

In most places around the world the Dorn Method gained accreditation by existing Associations and is accepted by insurances. You should simply apply for continuing education credits in case it is not yet accredited as it was actually never a problem anywhere to achieve this. We provide full support in your communication with institutions and the growing network of health care providers worldwide.



thumb10 The Dorn Method has ongoing help & support:

Our goal is not just to offer the most professional training and highest standards in the Dorn Method seminars that we provide, but to give on-going support that help Therapists gain more confidence, and to help them promote their newly learned Dorn therapy. This is done through websites, selected and affordable products we offer, comprehensive student materials for review and home study we give to students.



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