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Here you find some information about research and studies done around the Dorn Method


The Dorn Method is successfully practiced in more than 40 countries around the world. There are thousands of patients treated with great success but very little research was done. The Dorn method needs people conducting official studies: Please help us to get these done!


If you have any test or study done with the Dorn Method please share relevant information here with the public.




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The Dorn Method – Research news


Research and Studies about the Dorn Method:

There is very few serious Research done on The Dorn Method so far, however the fast spread of the Dorn Method thanks to its efficiency on many health conditions will surely be noticed more widely soon and hopefully trigger the wish to do more clinical studies.

In an earlier post in, Dorn Method Forum, (, I wrote already about one of these clinical research projects and that I post again below followed by some articles in Medical journals to demonstrate the increased interest and acceptance of the Dorn Method.


The Effects of the Dorn Therapy seen on a Computer assisted EEG!


How important our Spine actually is can be seen at misaligned vertebrae causing not only Back Pain or Sciatica but also Migraines, Tooth aches and Tinnitus and other inner conditions like allergies, Immune deficiency or Cardio-Vascular problems.

With the Help of the computer assisted EEG could be proved that the Dorn Therapy indicated significant changes in the brain waves.

The division of the EEG in the classical frequencies 2-4hz (delta waves), 4-7hz (theta waves), 8-13hz (alpha waves = relaxation waves), 14-21hz (beta waves) is one of the possibilities to visualize the Information within the brain using the electrical activity.

For example at a Tinnitus patient a significant change in the wave picture in the alpha level (p>=0.05) was found after a successful Dorn Therapy, the so-called alpha peak was higher.

This change in the alpha level produced a decrease in the Tinnitus Intensity.

This was done on ten different Tinnitus patients and all indicated that they can relax more easily after the Therapy and the Ear sounds appear less disturbing.

(Done by Dr. Elmar Weiler and Dr. Klaus Brill at the Institute for Brain Research in St. Wendel, Germany)

Exerpted and edited from The Dorn Forum Nr.3

The Research was published in several Journals:

PubMed article about Dorn Therapy and Tinnitus

Dorntherapy: its effect on electroencephalographic activity in tinnitus patients with craniocervical dysfunction.

Int Tinnitus J. 2003;9(2):138-42.

PMID: 15106291 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Brill K, Weiler EW.

NeuroNet GmbH, St. Annenstrasse 10, 66606 St. Wendel, Germany.

Dorntherapy was developed in the 1980s by Dieter Dorn, a nonmedical person, to cure his and his family members' vertebral problems. This technique achieves correction of dysfunctions of the vertebrae and joints simply by using natural movements of arms and legs or by applying gentle pressure (thumb) to the spinous process. Various observations suggest that craniocervical dysfunction can lead to tinnitus, thus causing changes in the electroencephalographic patterns. This study demonstrates that the successful application of Dorntherapy induced prominent changes of the electroencephalographic activity. Data analysis revealed a significant increase in the power of the alpha (8-13 Hz) and the alpha2 (9-11 Hz). Besides electrophysiological effects, changes in the quality of tinnitus and in the intensity of the tinnitus were noted. These results suggest that Dorntherapy must be an integral part of any tinnitus therapy.

Dorntherapy: its effect on electroencephalographic activity in tinnitus patients with craniocervical dysfunction

International Tinnitus Journal 2003: 9 (No 2): 138-142

Brill K et al

Dorntherapy was developed in the 1980s. It aims to correct dysfunctions of the vertebrae and joints by using natural movements of the arms and legs and by applying gentle pressure with the thumb to the spinous process.

According to the authors, various observations suggest that craniocervical dysfunction can lead to tinnitus, causing changes in electroencephalographic (EEG) patterns. This study set out to demonstrate that dorntherapy induced noticeable changes in EEG activity.

It reported changes in the quality andintensity of tinnitus in 10 patients with craniocervical dysfunction.

An EEG was taken before and after dorntherapy. All patients complained of tinnitus, headaches, nausea, concentration problems and restricted head and neck movements.

The authors suggest their findings demonstrate the need to correct vertebral dysfunctions before starting any other therapies.



Real Case Study:


Herniated Disc scheduled for Surgery successfully treated with the Dorn Method

Cagla, 35 year old Turkish woman states:

I got paralised at 2nd of Feb 2006 and up to 1st of May I was not able to walk.
Within these 3 months approx. last 6 weeks continuosly I stayed in the bed.
Then all the doctors we have visited agreed on operation. They were going to fix a screw to L4-L5. At the hernia operation date (1st of May) the doctors discovered my heart problem.

First of course I did not believe in them, that is why I have searched for other doctors, hospitals, solutions etc. So 10th of May I got the heart (Atrial Septal Defect) operation. Almost a month I was in bed at home, so my backpain was already easen at that time.

Once Jose Garbe Vilijn (Dorn Practitioner in Dubai UAE) fixed my leg lenght on 21st of June (almost 1,5 month after my heart surgery) and kept massaging on 22nd and 23rd, it was like a miracle that I started walking without giving stops for every half an hour.

Starting by 21st of June 2006 I started being very careful with my movements like sleeping, walking, cleaning, cooking etc. I was perfect with my body posture.

So in fact after the first treatment of Dorn, immediately my pain was decreased. I was already pain free according to my pain understanding. Once Thomas Zudrell did another treatment on my twisted hip on 29. Nov. 2007, the last bit of pain has gone.

At my MRI dated May 1st, 2006 and Jan 11th, 2008 the improvement is so clear.

Cagla MRI photo

Photo Copyright of Cagla Yüksel
From the Book PIDDDS 3-D Living
By Jose Garbe Vilijn



My own Research:


The important role of the Spinal Column in the development of Organ Diseases, shown with the 'bad' example of smoking.

Although I am not smoking (anymore I admit) after I realized that it is not only unhealthy but that I do not need it anymore, I want to share this information with you.

In the course of treating thousands of people with back pain and other ailments I always looked for possible connections between Spinal Misalignments and Ailments other than the Pain in the Back by interviewing my patients during their treatment.

There are connection charts available that show these interactions between the spine and organs and even non-physical issues which I wanted to confirm or disproof in order to be able to decide about their value.

In the absence of a controlled clinical study of this I can of course only present you my anecdotal evidences and I leave it up to you, the discrimination reader, how you judge that information.

What I discovered is that about 90% of my patients who developed any kind of ailment at their respiratory system also showed misalignments at the corresponding are of their spine (Th3). Since I am convinced that a single cause is seldom producing specific problems when it comes to our human body which is a far too complex system, I always look for contributing co-factors like toxins, unhealthy life style, non-physical issues etc, that produced additional stress to the system.
What surprised me was that 80% of these patients where smokers and only 20% non- smokers (maybe less because possible some did not admit their habit).

So this could lead to following conclusion: A smoker with no misalignment at Th3 is likely to survive longer and stay healthy longer that a smoker who has a problem at the corresponding spinal area and possible on other areas connected via the functional circuits known in TCM.

I came to this conclusion after treating about 3000 patients and too many of them were smokers!

I choose this example because it is more obvious than with other conditions and a controlled study with smokers would be easy to conduct but I am convinced that these facts apply to all health conditions so much that I have to ask myself the old question what came first: Chicken or Egg?

I certainly think that smoking is something we do not need to live a fulfilled life but I also know that changing unhealthy habits and addictions is one of the most difficult things to do.

Looking forward to get your comments, critic and suggestions on this…



Articles / Research on Spinal Column - Organ Disease Connection:


WinsorMD Article Sympathetic Segmental Disturbances (Adobe pdf-file)

Research of Dr. Henry Winsor done on human cadavers, published in the Medical Times, November 1921

Correlation between organ dysfunctions and vertebral displacements (Adobe pdf-file)

A Comparison Study by Albers and Keizer, 1990

(My comment: It is already a long time fact that the Spine is of prime importance to our health however it seems that despite clear evidence conventional medicine is still underestimating this!)


Articles / Research on Leg Length Difference:


The effect of imposed leg length difference on pelvic bone symmetry (Adobe pdf-file)

A Study to illustrate the effects of different leg length on the pelvis, by G. Cummings,MS, J.P. Scholz,PhD, K. Barnes,BS published in SPINE, Vol. 18, 1993

Anatomic and functional leg length inequality (Adobe pdf-file)

A review and recommendation for clinical decision-making. Part II, the functional or unloaded leg-length asymmetry,

By Gary A Knutson , Published online 2005 July 20

(My comment: Although the research and evidence on this subject is highlighting the importance of the facts it is quite complicated to understand but very easy to understand using the explanations in the Dorn Method and its evidence confirmed in the practical application!)


Articles / Research on Osteopathy:


Principles of Osteopathic Medicine (Adobe pdf-file)

An Article on Osteopathic Medicine by M. Sickesz and E.B. Bongartz

(My comment: The Article describes a similar theory as used in the Dorn Method however it has variations in the therapy approach but also with interesting similarities!)


Articles / Research on Spinal Injuries:


Correction of the anatomical changes of whiplash injury (Adobe pdf-file)

A Study on the Effects and correction of anatomical changes of whiplash injury, by Mayta Sickesz and Peter J. VanDerSchaar.

Excerpt of: Evidence-Based Intergrative Medicine, 2004

(My comment: This article highlights why the gentle and effective Dorn-Therapy is ideal for whiplash injury and of course most other Spine problems)


A huge collection of evidence based research on these subjects:



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