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Read about former students of Dorn Method Seminars who successfully integrated the Dorn method into their own practice.


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Dorn Method – Success Stories


This area highlights some of the success stories students of Dorn Method Workshops of Thomas Zudrell, Brigitte Nath and other Instructors have achieved.

They are case studies showing how these students have learned to integrate Dorn into their own practices and the successes they are having.



Jason Mallia


Dr Jason Mallia ND PhD IMD BHSc D.Sc Jason Mallia website
Integrative Medicine Practitioner

Years in practice: 15

About us

I originally discovered The Dorn Method During my Studies in Chiropractic. So Impressed with its simplicity yet effectiveness I wanted to learn more. I then met Thomas Online and arranged a course here in Sydney and Undertook further training under Thomas.

Jason Mallia It was at this time that I realised that treatments did not need to be complicated to be effective nor did you need to become a Chiropractor to re-align the spine and the Joints.

As a Naturopath I routinely would refer patients for Chiropractic, however I was more interested in helping them myself.

The Dorn Method Not only filled in a much needed gap in my clnic but decided that I did not need to become a registered Chiropractor.

Since this time now some 7 years ago I have successfully integrated the Dorn Method into clinical practice with great results in My Integrative medicine clinic.

I am now a certified Dorn Instructor and teach the Dorn Method Here in Australia I am also a Co Founder of the Dorn Method Academy of Australia.

I am truly blessed to have come across Thomas and the Dorn Method!

Jason Mallia ND IMD BHSc D.Sc PhD
Integrative Natural Medicine
Musculoskeletal Therapist

Integrated Health Australia
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Lucy Bradleylucy bradley website


Years in practice: 9

About us

I qualified in Remedial/Sports Massage in Sydney Australia at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in 2002 and been practising since then. I set up my own business Lucy Bradley clinic in Plymouth UK in 2005 and treat many clients with a number of back, joint and muscular problems. I offer a wide range of treatments such as hot stone remedial massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and now The Dorn Method.

lucy bradleyHow we are using The Dorn Method today and what are the results?
I qualified in the Dorn Method with Brigitte in September 2010 and went on to do the advance with Thomas in February 2011.

I have found the Dorn to be an excellent treatment and have had many successful results. The Dorn works so well with my remedial stone massage as it can gently help to correct imbalances in the body in a very fast and effective way which in some conditions could take many massage treatments. It works very well with clients who suffer from scoliosis, arthritis and spasms in neck and shoulders.

I have really enjoyed learning this technique with Brigitte and then with Thomas and I am so pleased to be able to offer this wonderful treatment to my clients.

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Paul Knowles

dorn method nottingham

Years in practice: 3  

About us

I started studying The Dorn Method with Instructor Brigitte Nath at Stratford upon Avon in May 2010 and in February 2011 was happy to complete my Advanced Dorn Method Course with Brigitte and Thomas Zudrell.

Since then I have started my own business Dorn Method Nottingham and have put together a website

Dorn Method Nottingham is totally devoted to promoting The Dorn Method and Breuss Massage Therapies and nothing else. Since qualifying I now work from a local Therapy Centre and our Therapy room at home. My clients range from 5 to 75 years of age and come from all walks of life.

paul knowlesHow we are using The Dorn Method today and what are the results?
Most of my clients come to me with Back and Joint Pain. Clients have found that The Dorn Method effectively relieves the pain after just one or two treatments.

Other clients have found The Dorn Method has helped them with Depression and has improved their general mental health, some with digestive problems, respiratory problems and I have helped ease tension and pain in a client with the neurological disorder Parkinson’s. Acute pain can often be relieved quickly whereas chronic conditions mostly need more time.

I am currently working to encourage new mums to experience Dorn after going through the traumatic process of childbirth and helping them to bring re-alignment and balance back to their bodies as many experience Back and Joint Pain.


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» If you are student of Thomas Zudrell or any other Dorn Method Instructor and want to have your story featured here do no hesitate to contact us with your details



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